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Cujo is a psychological horror novel by American writer Stephen King, about a rabid dog. The novel won the British Fantasy Award in , and was made.

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Killer dogs: Cujo, Dogs, White Dog Cujo was a good dog. The elements that made the species successful as pets entwine with those that.

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We were talking about Cujo last night and she said the dog who played Cujo was a St. Bernard. I always thought Cujo was a Greater Swiss.

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Book trivia question: What breed of dog is Cujo? Answers: St. Bernard, Rottweiler , Doberman, German Shepard.

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Cujo movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS:

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In the DVD documentary Dog Days: The Making of Cujo, producer Miller was hesitant about the prospect of working with this difficult breed in.

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Animal trainer Karl Miller (who also worked on “Cujo” and “Beethoven”) that all of the dogs involved in the franchise were bred by Keaton. 1.

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Typically the largest threats to people from the breed is their large The novel by Stephen King, “Cujo” and the movie based on the.