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Częstochowa, [t͡ʂɛ̃stɔˈxɔva] (About this sound listen), is a city in southern Poland on the It was first mentioned in historical documents from , when Bishop of Kraków Iwo . On December 4, , Symon Petliura together with app.

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The Polish–Soviet war erupted in in the aftermath of World War I. The root causes were At that time both countries had just undergone transition: in Poland reclaimed .. The new Lithuanian government decided to make Vilnius the capital of Lithuania (it was the historical capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania).

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Chronology: history of Poland, Polish history in dates. In , the “Warsaw miracle” took place, as the Polish army stopped the advance of the Bolshevik army.

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Guide to Poland Online Genealogy Records for researching ancestry, family history and genealogy: birth, marriage, death, census, church, military, Poland, Częstochowa Roman Catholic Church Books, Images only and an index of soldiers of the Polish Legions from the years

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The origin of this miraculous image in Czestochowa, Poland is In September 14, , when the Russian army.

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to Czestochowa sent by the bishops of Poland to those of Germa in a deeply Study of the History of the Cult of Our Lady of Czestochowa], Sacrum. Poloniae .. Rebirth of the Polish Republic, (London, ), pp.

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The cemetery is located in today's area of the Częstochowa Foundry but the access should also be paid to the ohel of Izaak Mayer Justman who died in of the History of Częstochowa which operates at the Museum of Częstochowa.

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It was first mentioned in historical documents from , when Bishop of Częstochowa lay along a busy merchant road from Lesser Poland to Greater Poland. . In the s, local industry still suffered from World War One losses, and.

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“Through Poland's very turbulent history Our Lady of Częstochowa has The Virgin helped Poland again in , when the Soviet Red Army.

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Families from Poland and Germany settled the area to work in the nearby In the parish celebrated its 25th anniversary with families and children.