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With a reliable manual bail trip and large diameter, tapered spool, these reels were designed for optimum casting performance. Super versatile, each comes with.

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daiwa-emblem-proschematic-schematic. Vendor: Condition: Weight: Availability: Available. Shipping: Minimum Purchase: unit(s). Maximum.

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I just purchased a Emblem Pro and did not use this yet. I'm hesitant because I chose between a couple of Shimano Reels but It's not like a plugging rod that your holding all the time so weight shouldn't be an issue.

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I am in SE Florida, and still very new to this. Thanks. Howard. 0. Go to top For example the Emblem Pro and you can use the same spool on one another. If you look at a specs list the give away is that the weights of the reels are.

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The highest retrieve that I'm aware of is the shimano TSS4, but they just recently Daiwa Emblem Pro but as already asked, depends on your . be looking at a size shimano or a daiwa. Tica Dolphin SE series reels spool much line capacity to cast long distance from shore.

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Was thinking Daiwa moonraker, heartland, pro emblem. You can pick up a Gary Howard Phantom 10ft but they do a 11'6" too from memory for under . Has anyone used Sensor Surf with a or similar weight reel?.