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For Dark Summoner on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs If you have not yet set a password for your account, you may enter your IID in.

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Plenty of Impressive Monster Designs and Dark World Content to Enjoy!! □ Can't use my IID. As we have . □I'd like to know how to transfer my data.

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Playing dark summoner today and had to reboot phone now it is asking for an id and an . "There are no such things as unlimited soul points but you can have.

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I had to reinstall everything on my Iphone after it crapped out on me I do have on player ID, however I wasn`t able to get my IID before my Iphone crapped out on.

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I'm trying to recover my account using the in game option. I already know what my player ID is, so now whats the "IID" and where do I find this?.

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do someone now how to get on you id and iid if you can't open your game anymore?? Yarri Faes to Dark Summoner. SpSonSsoSredS. · February 15, ·.

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Hello Dark Summoners! Some of our players have been Until you have set a password, please use your Player ID and IID to access your account. 36 Likes49 .

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*Please be sure to log into AteamID account from within Dark Summoner * Once you have set your a password, your IID is no longer valid and cannot be used.

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Gabriel Tremblay to Dark Summoner · October 21, ·. i have changed my cellphone but when i try to enter my player id and iid. the game tell me: Player.