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After leaving the configuration only in; the answer of Ulrich Schwarz in the comments has worked correctly. Greetings.

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if logrotate in your distrib doesn't have 'dateyesterday' option yet, you can use stat $LOGFILE |awk '/^Modify/{print $2}')" LOGSTART=$(($(date +%Y%m%d -d.

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I want to rotate my logs (using Slackware distro, logrotate script) and in the global variables of, will this accomplish what I'm.

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In this article, we will explain how to use logrotate to automatically If our date format is other than the default yyyymmdd, we can specify it.

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You should be able to keep the extension apart, e.g. whatevercsv, with the following configuration: { dateext dateformat.%Y-%m-%d.

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Many apps setup Logrotate for you. For instance dateformat: The format of the date appended to the log filename you want. These logs also.

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Ever wonder how logrotate manages log files so well? And last, organizing log files by date probably makes spotting and analyzing changes quite a bit easier . 2-Minute Linux Tip: Learn how to use the logsave command.