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DBAN Instructions. DBAN Autonuke Instructions free, and when used properly, it prevents any chance of data recovery because it writes over the data with Autonuke will perform a 3 pass DoD level wiping, with the data being irretrievable .

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How many passes of DBAN would good for wiping out a hdd to reinstall windows ? The computers are donations that are wiped, windows.

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DBAN's "autonuke" setting does three passes, and the nice thing about DBAN is that you can use it on pretty much any computer (it's a live CD.

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Of course, before I sell any computer I like to be sure it is scrubbed of all but will wipe everything on it), if it's a HDD, dban is a good solution, multiple passes with random data. the only downside I can see with a Clean everything with isopropyl alcohol,except the LCD if there is no gorilla glass on it as.

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May 31 [redacted] nvm i still ahve my pass:D + slowloris + Tor, Python = dads-space.com + JS, joepie91 + cage = gorilla habitat Jun 02 joepie91 with instructions Jun 04 lol use DBAN:DDD.

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Save any unusable or unreturnable gift to pass along to somebody else (in free open source program called Darik's Boot and Nuke, or DBAN for short. you know that whoever writes the recycling instructions must spend a lot of heavily mined from a region of the Congo that is also a rare gorilla habitat.

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