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In this unusually structured poem, Denise Levertov makes the reader think about the effect war has on the population and culture of a country, with specific.

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Did the people of Viet Nam use lanterns of stone? Did they hold ceremonies to reverence the opening of buds? Were they inclined to quiet.

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Denise Levertov's protest poem is in two parts. The first stanza asks six questions , the second stanza answers them. The theme is war and the.

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What Were They Like Lyrics: 1) Did the people of Viet Nam / Use lanterns of stone? / 2) Did They Like. Denise Levertov 5) Had they an epic poem? 6) Did .

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and “Life at War,” coming from the poetry collections What Were They Like () and In the poems to be analyzed here, Levertov uses the public event of the.

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Moreover, the very title of the poem, “What Were They Like” is not a question that's In the poem, Denise Levertov employs the public event of the Vietnam War.

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Comments & analysis: Did the people of Viet Nam / use lanterns of stone?.

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One such protester was Denise Levertov, a British-born poet who moved to America She wonders how they lived, and what they were like (hence uh, the title). Because, in this poem, everything—and everyone—in Vietnam has been .

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During the course of a prolific career, Denise Levertov created a highly that " the education [Levertov] did receive seems, like Robert Browning's, made to order. Although a few poems in this collection focus on the war, there is no direct.

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What were they like? by Denise Levertov: Poem. 42 customer reviews. ananthajyothi Seamus Heaney +Follower. FREE. (8). What were they like.