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War was a time of swift improvement in transportation, rapid growth of factories, and significant de. The Jeffersonian Republicans – headed down trans‐Appalachian tributaries and rivers to New Orleans in the early s. Kentucky, could take as long as four months, so return trips were usually over land.

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Middle Ages[edit]. – The streets of Baghdad are paved with tar. Late 10th century – Kamal . - The first tank prototype, nicknamed "mother", was created by Britain during World War 1. "Issues in the Evolution of the Motorcycle", in Krens, Thomas; Drutt, Matthew, The Art of the Motorcycle, Harry N. Abrams, pp.

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Advancements in telecommunications during the 19th century significantly Instead of waiting weeks or even months for mail and news to arrive by boat.

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Kids learn about advances in transportation during the Industrial Revolution It could take months to travel across the United States in the early s.

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Education & Research > Indiana History - > Travel and Transportation One of the earliest allowances for internal transportation developments came in "Turnpike fever" raged in the Old Northwest during the s and s, but few . Over the next nine months, state officials battled over the merits of canals.

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With technological and economic developments, the means to achieve such a . The Industrial Revolution and Transportation () . It reduced the journey across the continent (New York to San Francisco) from six months to one .

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Though a lesser means of long transportation than the train and steamboat, the bicycle also became an important means of short-distance travel during the late.