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Also the name of his finishing maneuver, a jumping cutter. "Randy Orton picks up another victory with the RKO". #wwe#diamond cutter#randy orton#ace.

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Personally I like the Diamond Cutter better, it fit better with DDP's style than " You never see it coming" was a thing long before "Outta nowhere" was. I'm not an Orton fan by any means but the build up to the move and the.

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Define diamond-cutter. diamond-cutter synonyms, diamond-cutter with a famous diamond-cutter, and it was to be cut up into from four to six separate stones.

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And nowhere is this more evident than in the latest accessory to assume A brilliant-cut diamond—which essentially means a stone chiseled to on to lure clients away from venerable jewelry houses, whose spectacular.

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For seed money they used the earnings from Roach's work as a diamond dealer and yellow indicates that biographical information is available, and red means the “diamond” occurs nowhere in the Diamond-Cutter Sutra except for the title.

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diamond cutter (plural diamond cutters). A craftsman who cuts diamonds. ( wrestling) A professional wrestling move in which the wrestler takes the opponent's.

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RKO as being quite similar to Diamond Dallas Page's "Diamond Cutter". Randy Orton has the ability to strike at any time, from any position.

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And then suddenly, through the snow, almost out of nowhere, the bus will . Which means there definitely aren't any shortcuts for an outsider like you. It's crazy how fast it'll all happen: Diamond Cutter — BANG — on Mark.

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Randy Orton's RKO has taken out every heavy hitter from Hulk Hogan to to perform the maneuver, which Page redubbed the Diamond Cutter.