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Diesels starting and especially when cold are most likely to have a black tinge until the fuel supply is properly managed by the governor system.

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Diesel smoke (like blowby and oil use) is a worrying engine symptom At cold start, blue smoke is often evident, and can reflect reduced oil.

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There are many common causes for diesel engine smoke from burning oil, fuel or plugs during cold startsand/or the use of a flushing solvent to remove engine.

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Ltr Turbo Diesel engine produces a lot of whitish smoke when starting up I wouldn't bother (unless you're doing a 'red arrows' impersonation). Has the engine got a fuel pre-heat system for starting in cold weather?.

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I make clouds of white smoke on startup, until the throttle is given full burst for a Cant really see how it can be steam from a cold engine and exhaust! didnt bother when my old Perkins engined diesel Montego used to do it!.

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I do notice that on cold starts ( to - 30) it will pump alot of white smoke for 10 or a winter diesel blend that I think may contribute to some of the smoking. If you let the truck idle at a low rpm the fuel will actually wash the oil off the cylinder walls. . At 20F, I wouldn't even bother plugging in even if my espar isn't running.