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CURIOUS Brits will soon be able to take a blood test which will reveal how long they can expect to live. But would you be brave enough to hear.

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There's no crystal ball in medicine that can predict how fast you're aging or how long you'll live. But the latest trend in private screening tests.

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Does this mean that DNA trumps factors such as smoking, diet and exercise? Intelligence may be largely inherited, but how long you live depends The child will remain enriched, which is arguably more important than test.

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New research suggests we can defy genetic destiny. Telomeres are quite long at birth and shorten a bit every time a cell divides; ultimately, after scores of.

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Researchers in Spain say they're close to marketing a genetic test that could tell consumers how fast they are aging and, potentially, how long.

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$ DNA test that gives the answer to go on sale by the end of the year A test that tells you how long you will live for is to go on sale in.

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DNA test costing £ could tell if you have the genes for a long life able to identify the 10 per cent of the population who could expect to live.