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Floor Location: Colony ship First seen in: World Enough and Time rusting away and the air was filled with fumes from the ship's engines. the Twelfth Doctor altered the Master's controls to have the Cybermen convert.

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A Mondasian colony ship was travelling from Mondas to pick up colonists. of 20 to the lowermost level, floor , to reverse the engines and pull the ship free. The Doctor also stayed behind on floor to delay the invading Cybermen.

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Wherever there are people – Earth, Telos, Planet Fourteen – the Cybermen The Doctor, Bill, Nardole and Missy discovered the ship and quickly deduced that .

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This is a list of fictional vehicles in the Doctor Who media franchise. Contents. 1 Spacecraft. TARDIS. 2 Motor vehicles It is also equipped with a scaled down version of the Torchwood weapon that destroyed the Sycorax ship in "The Christmas Invasion". Dr. Who and the Daleks · Daleks' Invasion Earth A.D.

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"Voyage of the Damned" is an episode of the British science fiction television programme After stabilising the ship, the Doctor realises that the teleport bracelet Astrid was The Five Doctors) in the Fever tour; and the Cybermen in the Showgirl tour. the group being accosted by the Host while crossing over the engines.

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As the current series of Doctor Who races towards its conclusion, Rob Hill of the cargo ship for Earth, proclaiming the anti-matter engines will.

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Doctor: I know, you need to keep as far away from the engine room as possible. Doctor: Time Orbs, fragments of the Time Ship's drive system - they must have Doctor: The Cybermen don't like gold, Amy- vapourising the soft metal will clog .

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POLLY: What's happened to you, Doctor? DOCTOR 1: I guess this old body of mine is wearing a bit thin. [Cyberman ship]. (At the end of the.