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Drinking game for Doctor Who: Take a shot every time somebody runs. Double any time a companion twists her ankle. Quadruple any time a companion twists.

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General. Take a shot/drink whenever somebody runs. Take a shot/drink when the Doctor holds someone's hand. Take a shot/drink whenever.

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The Doctor Who Drinking Game (With credited modifications and thanks to everyone -Bad Wolf/Torchwood/Saxon/[missing planets, bees, returning characters.

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General Rules * Take a shot every time the Doctor says "I'm. shot if a past Doctor insults a later Doctor's trademark in a multi-Doctor episode. seeing the newly-regenerated Doctor, pour and bolt down a whole new round.

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The New Rules of Dying and Repeating with 'Russian Doll' and 'Happy Death Day 2U' Please drink with us and enjoy the DVD release of Doctor Who: The Complete Specials while we A previous episode or a spin-off show is referenced.

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To mark the release of Series 5 of Doctor Who on DVD and Blu-ray next week, we've put together a drinking game for Matt Smith's debut series.

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In the Season 10 premiere, titled “The Pilot,” Bill (Pearl Mackie) will be introduced as the Doctor's (Peter Capaldi) new human companion.

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Its basis was a drinking game created by NRTTA (Mick Spencer tells me this as from another story. you can identify any prop/set/actor as from another series.