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Whether or not hot water can freeze faster than cold may seem like a when two bodies of water with different temperatures are exposed to the.

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"Why Does Hot Water Freeze Faster? And Other Cracking Science Mysteries." The Guardian. Guardian News and Media, 28 June Web.

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fill up three bowls the same size with warm, hot, and cold; label each bowl ( example: label the bowl with hot water 'hot' ect) put all three bowls.

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“No matter what the initial temperature of water is, it must be brought to the freezing point before it will change state and become ice,” says.

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Most people assume that cold water freezes more quickly, but could that be false ? Does hot Problem: Does temperature affect how quickly water freezes?.

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The phenomenon that hot water may freeze faster than cold is often called the But you will not see the Mpemba effect for just any initial temperatures, has to do everything that the initially cooler water has to do, plus a little more, it will . environment around it in some complex fashion, and thus affect the cooling process.

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As the ground gets colder and freezes, it may require a faster rate of flow to keep At what temperature does water freeze, and what kinds of chemical reactions.

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When liquid water is cooled below degrees F, it crystallizes into ice too quickly for scientists to measure the temperature of the liquid.

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As the video above explains, the phenomenon of hot water freezing faster than cold water is known as the Mpemba effect, named after Erasto The currents are greater in warm beakers, and could affect cooling rates.

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Does the temperature of water effect how fast the water freezes Many factors affect how evaporation happens. If the air Three starting water temperatures: a.