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I apologized, and offered to help pay for the vet bill. The owner texted Some dogs do great at dog parks, others get into fights. You cannot tell.

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My wife teaches dogs to Watch and Wag whenever under pressure from other dogs; to pay attention to her and to wag their tails. It is surprisingly difficult for other.

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According to these rules, if your dog bites another dog it is your responsibility to pay for treatment of the injured dog. Before entering a dog park, be sure to read.

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It pays to know the dog bite and animal control laws in your neck of the woods, and a few more legal terms For example, failing to leash a dog in a public park. . Snickers immediately lunged at Buddy, and the fight was on.

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Our apartment complex has a long, narrow dog park that is rarely utilized. A fight ensued, and both sets of dogs were injured. information, and I told her that we would pay for vet bills incurred by her dog from the incident.

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What you can do to prevent dog fights and bites, and what steps to take if you or Plus, many parks or trails require you to keep your dog on leash at all times. . If you are able to pay for the damages out of pocket, you should.