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Talk to Eric and Jonathan live on LA Music Blog this Thursday, 6/12/14 Hear ' Whatever You Want', a new song from the forthcoming album, How's Your.

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Apr 16, As part of Record Store Day , Dot Hacker, which features Josh Klinghoffer of Red Hot Chili Peppers, is releasing a 7″ single. We're.

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Apr 11, Despite becoming a full-time member of Red Hot Chili Peppers in , guitarist Josh Klinghoffer continues to pursue his own music as Dot.

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“Dot Hacker recorded a live song for Balcony TV last night in Hollywood. “Fast forward to now: Dot Hacker has a new single “Whatever You Want” that's getting .

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Dot Hacker - Whatever You Want “Whatever You Want” is the side-A from Dot Hacker's 7. Dark Necessities. “Josh Klinghoffer live with Dot Hacker. grateful. me.

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Dot Hacker is an American experimental rock band from Los Angeles, United States, formed in The band consists of Josh Klinghoffer.

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Aug 13, To Dot Hacker, it was all about the music they were giving to the crowd, it too) when the strong opening vocals for “Whatever You Want” came.

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Hacker. No elevator / Will take you to the top of whatever you think up and down is / You can't perceive them the up and the down. Dot Hacker "Elevator" LIVE at the Speakeasy Whatever You Want - Dot Hacker.

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Find the song lyrics for Dot Hacker - Top Tracks. 3. Whatever You Want - Dot Hacker Dot Hacker "Floating Up The Stairs" LIVE at the

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Oct 2, The next year they filled out the lineup and formed Dot Hacker, eventually together, judge people's facial expressions, come up with the parts live. . To be able to do whatever you want to do, working with him during that.