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Adam Hood's Upcoming Album, Somewhere In Between, Honors Southern American Life Hood's lyrics are deeper, honest, more thoughtful. “Downturn” points out his preference to keep his life circumstances from.

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Know something about this song or lyrics? Add it to our wiki. I'd buy a government. America's for sale Admit defeat, live in decline. Be the victim of our own.

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I know you came in here 'cause you're worried about me. "Downturn" Track Info. Somewhere in Between Adam Hood.

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Daft Punk tried to warn us. With the U.S. economy tanking, we can't help but to feel a little pessimistic about our future. We reverted to our inner.

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Adam Hood's last video for “She Don't Love Me” found the songwriter buried alive by a heartless ex. In his latest clip for the song “Downturn,” off.

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During the severe recession which followed the American Revolution, American Lyrics. Young ladies in town, and those that live 'round. Let a friend at this.