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Perpugilliam Brown, also known as Peri Brown, is a fictional character played by Nicola Bryant in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor.

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Explore Richard Clark's board "Richards Doctor Who" on Pinterest. | See more Nicola Bryant played Peri Brown alongside the and Doctors peri in a bikini .. Four Daleks cross Westminster Bridge to recreate Doctor Who scene.

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This Pin was discovered by Clif Bridges. Nicola Bryant Nichelle Nichols, Doctor Who Companions, Dalek, Bikini, Jenna Nicola Bryant - Peri, Doctor Who.

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See more ideas about Doctor who companions, Eleventh doctor and Colin baker. Women Of Doctor Who: Nicola Bryant as Peri Brown. . peri in a bikini.

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Peri Brown joined the TARDIS crew, two decades later, in the spent her entire time on “Doctor Who” in a bikini because of the first episode of.

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A page for describing Recap: Doctor Who S21 E5 "Planet of Fire". Meanwhile, Peri is taken to the Master's TARDIS by Kamelion and she's forced into Distress Call · Dropped a Bridge on Him · Dull Surprise: The Doctor's Establishing Character Moment: Peri is introduced with a closeup of her in a bikini, indicating what.

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A page for describing Characters: Doctor Who – Classic Series Companions. The many Departing companion Turlough to new companion Peri. The many.

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Peri's mother Janine has remarried a man Peri dislkes - Howard. .. Two smaller sets for block one were the wrecked bridge of the Trion spacecraft Ions will be booked from the -moment they caich their first glimpse of her in a 'cmrpy bikini.

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The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) is summoned to Gallifrey in order to help . barbarian huntress fetchingly clad in a leather bikini, tracking down a serial killer .. to save the life of his companion, Peri Brown (Nicola Bryant), after both are with the sight of a Dalek squadron rolling across Westminster Bridge.