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Other names, Dr. Hooves, Doctor Whoof, Doctor Whooves, Sepia Tock, to the pony by Wendy/midori-no-ink, a consultant for the first batch of trading cards.

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The character, unnamed in the show, was given the name "Doctor Whooves" by fans Dr. Hooves was first given the trademarked name Time Turner on the My.

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Ditzy Doo, nicknamed Derpy Hooves or Derpy for short, is one of the current companions and a friend of the Doctor, First appearance She currently travels and have adventures in the Doctor's TARDIS with the Doctor and Tick Tock.

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This wiki shows all the possible database we could collect for almost every Doctor Who Fan Stuff Doctor Whooves and Assistant TARDIS (Ewan Hoyle NZ).

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He first appeared as a background pony in My Little Pony: Friendship is He has also been referred to in media as Dr. Whooves, and Time Turner. likeness to David Tennant, who portrayed the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who.

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Since the beginning of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who in , many William Hartnell also played the Doctor in an initial version of An Unearthly Child. This was the first attempt at .. Melvyn Hayes, The Scorchies, 7 March , The Third Doctor in Professor Baffle's body. Damian Lynch, Ghost in .

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Items similar to Doctor Whooves Dr. Who My Little Pony Friendship is Magic .. Doctor Whooves - My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki Can there be like Christopher Eccleston was my first Doctor Who lead and will always be MY Doctor.

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Equestria Daily: Doctor Whooves Officially named Dr. . Doctor Whooves - My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki Can there be like an .. My first boy pony.