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The Tape Measure tool can measure a distance and create a guide. The measuring tape line changes color to match an axis colors when it is parallel to any.

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Hello @gripwin as @Gully_Foyle wrote (which I will highlight here): “You can set the color of guidelines on Window > Style > Edit > Model.

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Im trying to draw a horizontal guideline but Sketchup only seems to want to let me draw vertical ones. No matter what orientation I have the.

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For a long time, I have been using the tape measure to create guide line) and switches to guide line mode (the cursor changes to have the “+”.

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By default when you launch the Tape Measure tool it is in Guide Create mode. To change to a new measuring point hit ESC and pick a new point to measure.

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By Aidan Chopra. Guides are useful for lining up things, making things the right size, and generally adding precision and accuracy to what you're building.

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How to Create and Use a Construction Guide in SketchUp. Guidelines are how you can measure something precisely and use them to create precisely placed.