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Steering Port. Bind Plug. Antenna. Bind Button. RECEIVER COMPATIBILITY. The DX2E is compatible with all Spektrum™ DSMR® and. DSM2® receivers.

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Perfect for sport level cars and boats; Ergonomic grip; Servo reversing; Proven reliability from the Spektrum™ brand; DSM®-, DSM2®- and marine-compatible.

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The Dx2e is compatible with DSM receivers. . Sometimes if a rx won't bind, I have to move the tx several feet away before it will bind.

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I can get both GRs to bind with the DX2e (steady light) but the servos will not move on any channel (servos are good). HK said to 'switch'.

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previous post is correct you must first get rx in to bind mode (rx light What spektrum receiver mirco is compatible to a dx2e as the sr is to.

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i brought a receiver for my spektrum dx2e but it doesnt want to bind, i have follow tutorials but still Newer DX2e's only bind to a DSMR RX's.