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Low idle with cold engine was created by Rob Hello, The car in question: Mitsubishi Mirage/Colt GLXi M/T miles/km. And its green.

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Now just a rough idle. After I replaced the PVC & grommet, the car starts OK. When its warm outside and the engine is cold, the car starts and runs fine.

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failure is an inoperative or stuck closed idle air control valve (IACV). what it should be at idle, this could explain the runs-well-when-cold.

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My air conditioner is not cold enough at idle sitting at Dear Bill, Let me explain in layman's terms how the air conditioning (AC) system works.

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Visit me at: Before posting questions about Not a car guy and you helped me fix my '95 civic with cold start idle.

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Now my car drives quieter but the idle is high. around to on cold start and drops to rpm. How can I reduce the idle to the factory.