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External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (eSATA) is an extension to the Serial ATA standard that enables SATA drives to be attached externally. Prior to eSATA, external hard drives were connected via USB or FireWire. Other terms commonly used for eSATA include eSATA/USB.

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e SATA is perfect for your needs because it can transfer the lare movie files 10x faster than USB connections. As I thought - it seems eSATA is more of a DIY approach to creating an external hard disk. On the motherboard side if you don't have an eSATA port, SATA to eSATA adapters.

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It really has nothing to do with the PATA interface at the hardware level, but it maintained a degree of software compatibility (new features needed new drivers) .

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In computing, eSATAp is a combination connection for external storage devices. An eSATA or Most laptop computers do not have 12 V power available, and have an eSATAp port which provides only 5 V. Desktop computers, with 12 V.

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This article is a selection of the most commonly asked questions about the eSATA port and What is an eSATA port and What does it do?.

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Stands for "External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment." eSATA is a variation of the SATA interface that supports external storage.

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My motherboard has an eSATA connector on the backplate, and am wondering how I can use it. I gather you need a special eSATA cable, but.

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An overview of the new eSATA or external Serial ATA interface and its controllers and drives do not support the Hot Plug capability that is.

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The original eSATA specification does not provide power. They also make cables that convert the standard SATA data/power connections to.