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What happens at an eviction hearing depends on the type of eviction at issue (" summary" eviction or "formal" eviction). Find out what you can expect at both to.

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A hearing at the Board is like a court case, but less formal. At an eviction hearing, your landlord can explain why they want to evict you. You can explain why you.

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Many landlords don't know what to expect at their first eviction hearing, so it's important to learn as much as you can about how to dress and act.

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What happens during an eviction hearing and what you can expect if you have to go to the sheriff court about a court order for eviction.

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The courts are designed to protect the tenant and landlord in the event of an eviction hearing. An eviction hearing takes place so that an un-bias third party.

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This article tells you what to expect if you are facing eviction.

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Generally, a landlord will serve you with an official summons to bring you to eviction court. There, you'll have the opportunity to argue your case.

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If you and the landlord do not settle the case, then the judge will hold a hearing. Ask for the.

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Texas Justice of The Peace Eviction Court. To lawfully evict a tenant in Texas and fully repossess your property, you or an agent acting on your behalf must file.

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