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Beat the Arena quest. Lady grey will tell you that she'd love for you to come and see her at her manor in Bowerstone North. Jack of Blades will.

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For Fable on the Xbox, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How to Get inside of the wall that is at the top of the hill AND DONT MOVE!.

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I already know of the spade cheat to go throw walls and theres suppose to be a way to do it to get into bowerstone N. im having trouble finding the right spot.

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After you complete the Arena, you will be allowed to enter Bowerstone North.

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Bowerstone North is the most prosperous part of Bowerstone in Fable, Fable: The Lost The Hero is forbidden to enter this area until he completes the Arena in.

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Messages: 4,, Date Posted: Sep 20, #2. Continue on with the main quest and eventually you'll get access to Bowerstone North.

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I have recently dig glithed into bowerstone north in an obscure way, it was through the bowerstone quay way. on the way i past a new map.

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Discussing How to get into bowerstone north early on Fable: The Lost Chapters XBox message board and forum (page 1).