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'Gone to play with the angels': Conjoined twins Faith and Hope are laid to rest after family's tearful memorial service in Sydney. Family and friends of conjoined twins Faith Daisy and Hope Alice Howie have paid their tributes to the pair during an emotional memorial service held.

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Twin sisters Hope and Faith may share the same body, but their parents their parents, Renee Young and Simon Howie, say the girls have.

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Twins Faith and Hope Howie were born with an extremely rare Grieving parents Simon Howie and Renee Young farewelled Faith and Hope.

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Renee Young and Simon Howie, of Tregear in Sydney's west, welcomed Faith and Hope were born with a rare condition called diprosopus, which middle names of the newborns, picking Daisy for Faith and Alice for Hope.

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Read More: Faith and Hope passed away on Tuesday after fighting to survive for almost three weeks. Their short.

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Conjoined twins Hope and Faith died in May last year after surviving for 19 days.