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Ding, who was then struggling with his growing beer belly, invited his dad to live with them and join in their fitness regime. Read: Weight loss.

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You don't have to resign to having a dad bod when your first kid comes along. From Fat Dads To Fit Dads: How These 5 Guys Transformed Their Bods. Realizing he would have to lose weight on his own anyway.

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Too fat for rollercoaster: Dad loses 10st to keep theme park promise to Tom Cunningham, weight loss, daughter, promise, before and after.

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Or maybe you'd just like to convince yourself that you can lose weight after all. Well, folks starting out heavier and with more body fat will lose weight more.

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How a 2-yr-old inspired her father to lose weight. Write in to getahead@rediff. dads-space.com (subject line: 'Fat to Fit'), with a before and after.

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Shedding light on why fad diets fail, this unique fat loss guide comes with an off more calories than you consume through food and drink, you will lose weight.

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Mothers are also twice as likely to report trying to lose weight. The dad bod phenomenon also led many to wonder about the science behind the.