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Oct 27, The Febreze toilet was a promotional item from 2 years ago. While it stayed in the game as just "Toilet" the Febreze part of it was removed (the.

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Feb 12, Still the Febreze toilet is pretty good, especially at a neighbour who has a high level fire monument for added bonus! Thanks Perturbee!.

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Oct 11, Now that you can't Febreze anything anymore, what's the best way to get Help!, The Sims FreePlay Questions and answers, iPhone/iPad.

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No more Febreze toilet:(What's the best way to earn xp's fast? Can't see myself playing this much Tanya Vallejo to The Sims FreePlay · October 11, ·.

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Not Now. Related Pages. The Sims. Video Game. The Sims Freeplay - The Sims Free BR. Personal Blog. The Sims Freeplay Neighbors. Games/Toys. The Voice.

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Does anyone have the febreze toilet so I can get some resources? Veronica Crowl to The Sims FreePlay · December 18, ·. Does anyone have the.

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Hey! I'm wondering if anyone has a Febreeze toilet? I've been trying to level up my mystery island stuff, and using a Febreeze Toilet at a.

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The Sims: FreePlay Cheats and Cheat Codes To make things faster i would get the new free febreeze toilet, and tap the special purple.

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How to febreze toilet sims freeplay? DEMAND. OFFER. How to get febreze in . How to buy febreze toilet sims freeplay? DEMAND. OFFER. How to get febreze.