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Lamar Odom has received messages of support from across the world as fans, friends and fellow stars react with shock to news he's fighting for.

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Lamar Odom, who was found unconscious in a Las Vegas brothel on Tuesday, has lived a life punctuated by tragedy. While he married Khloé Kardashian in and things appeared to be going well, in a sudden shift occurred. Odom reportedly went missing for three days after loved.

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Lamar Odom's decision this past weekend to hang out at a bar and drink last month he looked almost as if nothing had ever happened.

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Lamar Odom reportedly collapsed in a nightclub over the weekend, sparking new concern for the former NBA star who nearly died last year.

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Lamar Odom says the first he knew of his near fatal drugs overdose was waking . Lamar Odom reveals on the Doctors that he wants his wife back .. clan, FEMAIL reveals what has happened to other former friends of family.

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