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If there's one food oddity from Seinfeld that casual viewers remember, You see, as mentioned, George is trying to sneak a rye back into his.

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From Junior Mints to Kenny Rogers Roasters, here are the best food scenes on Seinfeld ran from July 5, , to May 14, , dominating.

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or rules for social behavior, but most significantly, food on Seinfeld reveals a comically Allen movie. The line has become one of those tag lines—like "Mulva " previously mentioned black-and-white cookie, identified with both. Jerry and.

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Mango, all the pies describing "pie country", Kramer baking a huckleberry pie, slice of pepperoni pizza and cannoli (Newman's demands).

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It's hard to believe, but Saturday, July 5 marks Seinfeld 's 25th anniversary. Also in "The Strike," after Elaine gets caught waiting for some food in a super . Mulva. MFrancojr1 on YouTube. In "The Junior Mint" (Season 4.

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Susan Walters as Mystery woman. Sherman Howard as Roy Victor Raider- Wexler as Doctor. Episode chronology. ← Previous "The Implant", Next → "The Smelly Car". Seinfeld (season 4) · List of Seinfeld episodes. "The Junior Mint" is the 60th episode of the American sitcom Seinfeld. Jerry guesses Mulva, causing her to storm out of his apartment.

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Jerome "Jerry" Seinfeld is the main protagonist and title character of the American television He and his friends also frequently have coffee or meals together at Monk's Café. . in the episode "The Chinese Restaurant", though she is never named, never appears on screen, and is never mentioned again after this episode.

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Want to know what Kramer told Seinfeld? Jerry: My Aunt's name is Mulva. She's a Roy has other matters on his mind (not to mention he's eating the plate of.