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Sign Word List: SLG Unit 7 Giving Directions FOOTBALL FIELD The phrase may not be translated from English word order to ASL syntax nor translated.

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field. This is a general sign meaning "out there." It can be used for things like " area signs it can mean: neighborhood, kingdom, playground, and football field.

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ASL sign for FOOTBALL in American Sign Language dictionary by native, authentic A form of team game played in North America with an oval ball on a field.

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SIGN #4: Left 'EXTENDED B' hand is held in a semi-vertical position with palm facing right at a The streaker who was stark naked ran across the football field.

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However, a smooth surface that has specific boundaries (e.g. a football field or playground) would be described with a 'B' handshape. In the example below.

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Watching the Game at NRG Stadium deaf football player While we're really hoping to see some NFL commercials in sign language, we're.

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Some football players at the University of Oregon are in the school's American Sign they had grown up using different signing systems on the field. Larson said the football players taking sign language at Oregon follow the.

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America's Only Deaf Football Team Decides What to Do During the National Anthem To communicate “together” in American Sign Language (A.S.L.), you press . Neither team was on the field yet when the anthem played.

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The Eagles' experience on and off the field forges a tight bond before Model Secondary School for the Deaf's 34 football players hail from 19 states Communication flows at Model through American Sign Language, which.

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Football is among the American sports that strikes an immediate emotional chord. "We use the Surface to communicate and prepare," the player signs, and serious on-field and a blossoming subject of mainstream interest.