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After writing a piece about having a plus size navel piercing notions of the things "fat people can't do" and embrace your body, your freedom.

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At the time, it didn't really occur to me that I may experience more issues with a navel piercing than others. I mean, yes, I was fat, but having.

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Not everyone have the corpse of a model, but everybody have the right to have some piercings. In that cas, a girl with a fat belly is receiving a.

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Overweight people can get this piercing if they want, but it's not recommended if your navel becomes covered over by skin and fat when you sit.

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I've always wanted to get my belly button pierced. And my friend just called and wants me to go with her on Monday when she get's her's done.

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But when she explained that everyone needs a little fat just to survive, she Britney Spears, princess of pop and pierced belly buttons, performing at the . I never realized that a little bit of bling would help me get over mine.

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Full disclosure I do have a belly button piercing and have had one for the belly button piercing (if you do get it) will find a good home in yours.

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I'm wondering if anyone has experience with a belly button piercing as a plus size person. Took her about 4 years to heal and it still gets infected. . But I've met overweight folks whose bodies are shaped differently that do.

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If you had a bellybutton ring inserted at present, no one would be able to see it through all those layers of flab! Why worry about getting a bellybutton ring when.

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Some heavy people are still able to get navel piercings because body size isn't However, the diminished blood supply caused by excess abdominal fat does.