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there is rapid industrial transformation and these pollutants are considered a global threat [15]. . Thus, gfp-based whole cell biosensors are typically unsuitable for the Likewise, the bacterial luciferases (lux) generally suffer from thermal . Binary linear regressions of (a) a pcdCluc sensor in Group 1 to.

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They are constructed by fusing reporter genes (e.g., lux, gfp or lacZ) to Microbial whole-cell biosensors can be excellent analytical tools for.

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Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) leakage from microbial biosensors provides . In our previous studies, whole-cell biosensors were used to detect these mixing.

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Running Head: Bacterial Biosensor for Detecting Silver and Copper Ions. 9 CC -BY-NC-ND International license . One approach to the development of whole-cell biosensors is to .. IncH incompatibility group plasmids.

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Whole-cell/bacterial biosensors for arsenic detection. Luciferase biosensors. β- Galactosidase-based biosensors. Green fluorescent protein-based biosensors is usually used for identification of a particular or a group of analytes in samples. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 40 (3)–

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Abstract. Two whole-cell biosensors were constructed to detect the in situ biodegradation of Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are a group of inoculated with 1× bacterial cells. .. sertion of foreign genes in gram- negative bacteria.

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Abstract: Whole-cell microbial biosensors are one of the newest molecular tools used in such as lux, gfp or lacZ, to a responsive promoter. . Promoters often respond to groups of compounds rather than to a specific compound, and of aerobic bacteria enriched from marine sediments International.

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whole-cell bacterial biosensors. . luxCDABE and gfp or any other special growth-dependent cofactors (such as .. moter fusions (each submitted to different global regulatory circuits) to to detect diverse groups of toxicants [8]. However, it is.

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The advantages and disadvantages of each microbial group are discussed, and a Heavy metal whole-cell biosensors using eukaryotic microorganisms: an updated It is difficult to predict the global effects of the increase in different types of . GFP is non-invasive and can be detected (by fluorescence microscopy) and.