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Integration used to happen naturally in British society, but the rate of immigration over the past decade or so has changed that.

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Entire districts of British cities are becoming racially segregated as white He said this showed some were even 'tending more towards ghettoisation' □Said the Government needed to do more to encourage white British.

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WHOLE areas have become ghettos due to successive administrations UK immigration is 'INSANE' – UKIP leader calls for more British jobs.

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most ghettoised immigrant communities in Britain, the Bengali Muslims in Tower . happened as they battled with red tape in the immigration section of the.

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This paper talks about the situation of religious minority with special focus on Muslim community and the process of their ghettoization in Indian.

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Very low, judging by what's happened when social housing has been One of the things I like most about the area of London where I now live.

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But, as analysts say, the ghettoisation was relative in the sense that to blur religious and social boundaries, but that hasn't happened fully.

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Young families are being "ghettoised" in inner city areas by the housing This suggested that it was being driven by the problems in the UK.