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Items 1 - 20 of Czech Glass beads are one of the oldest types of Czech beads, dating back over years. Pressed glass beads are formed by pressing a.

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Imitation pearls are man-made objects (often beads) that are designed to resemble real pearls. A variety of methods are used to create imitation pearls from starting materials that include glass.

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To return to the page you were on, just close this window. About Czech Glass Pearls. Before I tell you about glass pearls, let me tell you first how real pearls are .

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Wholesale beads supplies from It provides Glass Pearl with cheap price. All Glass Pearl can be wholesaled in bulk or retailed with cheap price.

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Great deals on freshwater pearl beads and pearl strands. Also find top quality heavyweight glass-based pearls and pearl components at deep discount prices.

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Glass-based pearls are created with the elegant appearance of traditional pearls in mind. These faux pearls give jewelry designs finesse with a practical price.