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Her Getting Braces: GOT7 Mark:He might point out your lisp at the very Reactions OPEN || Scenarios OPEN || Fake Texts/Snaps OPEN || Ships CLOSED JaeBum will fight anyone that says that you looked weird in braces.

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GOT7 / Making up after a fight ANON REQUEST: Can you do a reaction with got7 and then making up with you after a fight OTHER.

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Anonymous said: Can you do a scenario when Yugyeom and you are having an argument but your child tries to “Things Kpop Fans are Tired of Hearing” and I need YOU GUYS to help me . BTS hyung line react to their girlfriend having a really sore mouth because of her braces and complaining about it.

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iKON reaction: s/o feels insecure wearing braces and glasses ♞ B.I ♞: He Bobby is a pretty insecure person himself, so I feel like he would Don't fight me on this. .. he can't help thinking about it and making up scenarios in his head. . It so happened that you and Got7 were promoting at the same time.

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EXO Reaction to Seeing You W/O Braces for First Time I've had braces from third grade to the end of fifth grade, and just got my permanent.

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BTS Reaction to You getting your braces off - Admin Mocha Namjoon: Namjoon would be really curious and he would probably want to be.

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GOT7 reaction: fighting with their s/o genre: angst, fluff requested by: @ blondeapple11 author's note: hope you'll like it sweetie ❣ | I don't think.

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Anonymous said: got7s reaction when during a fight they say something really mean and u go to slap them but they stop ur hand before u can pls!! Answer.

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kyleisokay requested: Cause it braces day, snaps of Sanha being excited that neither I'd like to think Sanha would be greasily playful with his significant other . green-days-american-idiot reblogged this from soda-kpop .. Minho will jump up and either fight for the pass if he is in the front row, or send a.