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Grown-ups What do they know? Livin' by the stories on the radio. Bad news on the TV Headlines and made up reality [Chorus] We're young hearts. Look at us.

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they say that we're just young and fools, young and fools. grown ups what do they know living by the stories on the radio bad news on the tv headlines are made.

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We wake up and we go to school / Together breaking every rule / They say that we're just young and fools, young and fools / Grown ups what do they know.

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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood | Songs & Lyrics Flying in the Sky · Freeze Dance · Friend Just Wants to Play with You, A · Friends Help Each Other, Yes They Do.

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Lyrics to "Fall Is Just Something Grownups Invented" song by The Hives: They They say now it's time for us to go back to school No they should be in school.

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ideas that only grown-ups can begin to understand (if they pay attention). a frog puppet sang lyrics filled with grand ideas to an audience that knew more.

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And I'm standing here I'm waiting for them to come running Aren't they supposed to arrive? And now I have mine We are the grown-ups To save the day We are the grown-ups To show us Music & Lyrics by Shaina Taub.