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I've only gotten one from converting some ores, but ever since then whenever I convet ores they turn into purified ores instead of purified.

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Disassembling blues and supply Box. Supply box is VERY rare and I wouldn't rely on that, as it gives only 2 crystal pieces, which requires 10 to.

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How do you get Purified Crystals? u buy them. duh? or u can disassemble blue item including gear to get crystal. How can I buy them? Like.

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Um. It's a game of chance. It starts at a 1 out of chance to get the repairable item you have selected. Everytime someone rolls and doesn't.

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Here is the GunZ 2 Disassembling table. You can see 10 - Avatar, 3, 1, Purified Crystal, , 10 - Avatar 13 - Armor pants, 2, 1, Gemstone, ,

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If there are remaining, your chances are 1%, 50, 2%, etc. The premium shop requires purified crystals, which you obtain through either achievements or .

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A friend of mine said it was pay 2 win, I haven't really looked too much into it so I don't know. and release of GunZ2: The Second Duel, sequel to GunZ: The Duel . Can anyone give me the run down of the bonuses you get if you pay? purified ores and crystals which u get via leveling and hourly supply.