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Index record for Gwyda Donhowe in the Social Security Death Index from Social Security Administration found on Fold3, historical military records.

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Norman Kean and Gwyda DonHowe met while working in summer stock in He was an aspiring director from Colorado Springs, she a.

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Investigators said there had been no previous records of violence at the Mr. Kean and his wife, the former Gwyda DonHowe, an actress, were.

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Records, but the recording was cancelled due to the show's brief run. more optimistic ending “is not death but a touch of happiness and a measure of resignation. (John Cunningham, Gwyda DonHowe), “Lullabye to Myself” ( Charles.

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Untimely Deaths of Stage Performers. Posted by . Norman Kean and Gwyda DonHowe led an apparently happy life together. They met in.

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in , and the cast recording was released by Columbia Records (LP # ) and original television title and its downbeat ending (of Bea's sudden death). Alan Weeks (Stan Howard), Patti Karr (Maggie Simpson), Gwyda Donhowe.