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First, I found The Hangover as a hilarious movie with a good As they wake up they find Mr. Chow from the first movie, who Alan The screen goes black as the group all gasp at the pictures which all play at the end credits.

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She remembered waking up because she had a nightmare that "Oh my god," Stu gasped, when he saw it, and began to feel it, "What the fuck? OW! . "Alan call me a few days ago and invited me to wedding," Mr. Chow.

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The Wake Up scenes is the two scenes where the Wolfpack wake up in Las Vegas and Bangkok. First film The scene opens with the song "Fever " and the room.

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Hangover Movie Quotes. best movie quotes - Leslie Chow- The Hangover . What up big perm, I mean worm - it's from the movie Friday. If you haven't seen it .

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The Hangover 2 / Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong) and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) . Three buddies wake up from a bachelor party in Las Vegas, with no memory of the.

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During the scene after a nude Mr. Chow attacks Phil, Stu, and Alan, the . When Stu is waking up on the floor from the hangover, the chicken is behind his head. . Alan is "zapped" in the face he opens his mouth and starts to gasp in pain.

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This weekend The Hangover:Part II rose straight to number one in the Stu and Alan waking up with a head-thumping hangover, wondering "what the hell happened last night?! At times you will gasp, as this is much more raunchier and dirtier from crazy Mr Chow, played by the entertaining Ken Jeong.

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THE HANGOVER Written by Jon Lucas & Scott Moore September 30, EXT. Workers bustle about the lawn, setting up a high-end wedding. . And FYI, if anyone gets really drunk and craps themself, just let me know, I can have you cleaned .. STU (gasping, realizing) I do watch Dancing With The Stars with the kids!.

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Read Chapter 3: from the story The Hangover part two(vampire diaries cast) by Cynder15 (Sara) with reads. "I picked you up in my boat and brought you here in Bangkok," Chow continues. We all turn to it and I gasp. + It doesn't turn out like they hoped and the next day they wake up with no memory of last night.

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Set in Bangkok instead of Vegas, The Hangover Part II can best be Ken Jeong returns as gangster Mr. Chow and once again goes Stu wakes up with a facial tattoo instead of a missing tooth and, The whole sequence is probably meant to have the audience gasping and laughing at the same time, yet.