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If you feel that there's a mismatch between the way you look and the way you feel , it for themselves, to look and feel better, while others do it because they hate.

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And when you hate your face, it's a pretty short step to hating yourself. And I started to be able to look at myself a little more steady and to face the world.

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You are the one who gets to say if you like how you look. If you don't like your appearance, well, you're the only one who gets to decide. But keep in mind that.

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I've had days where I did not want to look in the mirror. Sometimes I still have those days. Its an ongoing struggle. One of the first things to do when you wake up.

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For as long as I can remember, I've had issues with the way I look. I had hated myself for so long but had repressed my feelings, sure that with time I would.

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Some children see only things to hate about the way they look. Their condition can lead to depression, anxiety, self-surgery and even suicide.

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"I hate my body" is an alarmingly common thought. People of all ages Society certainly sends us messages about how we are supposed to look. One study of.

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1. I would venture to say that perpetual contentment with anything in life is what's abnormal. You do not have to like how you look at all times.

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There's no doubt that how you look can affect how you view yourself​—and how you're treated by others. “Growing up, my two older sisters were completely.