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Heart palpitations during pregnancy are often harmless. They occur because there's more blood in your body, resulting in a 25 percent faster.

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I'm finding that my heart is pounding when I try to fall asleep and it keeps me (I' m 37 w 6 d) and pounds when I first lie down (I only lie on my left side). calm, it's all safe for pregnancy) and being extremely well-hydrated.:).

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When I lay down at night my heart beats so fast and hard it feels as if it's going I had a very fast heart beat early with this pregnancy (to the point they slow & control my breathing in hope to slow&control my heart pounding!.

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Heart palpitations sometimes occur during pregnancy. It may feel as though the heart is skipping beats. Usually, the causes are not severe, and.

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At times, you may feel a fluttering or pounding sensation in your chest, especially when standing up from a lying or sitting position. This odd feeling results from.

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Usually at night when I'm laying in bed watching TV I have difficulty I also notice at random points through out the day my heart will start racing I am wondering if this is a normal pregnancy thing or if it may be a sign of a.