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1 hi-hat stand/pedal - detachable hi-hat clips - 1 snare drum - snare stand - drum sticks - kick pedal - 2 hi-hat cymbals (14") - 1 crash cymbal (16") - 1 crash/ride.

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To get optimum performance of your H Hi-Hat Stand, Base Assembly. Hold the Pedal . with the Top Hi-Hat Cymbal attached to the Upper Pull Rod.

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In this Article:Article SummaryPreparing to Set Up Your KitAssembling and Snare drum; Bass (kick) drum (with pedal); Hi-hat cymbal (with pedal); Crash.

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Dec 30, I just wanted to find out the correct way to set up my hihat clutch. are for adjusting the tension on the cymbal and a lock nut to keep it in place. The rod might be a 2-piece that screws together or has a knuckle in the middle.

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Sep 15, Slide the clutch and top cymbal over the high hat stand, and add another If your cymbals seem glued together and won't play, you probably.

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Setting the Hi-Hat Cymbal/ʙɮʙʍʒʁʽʚʵɁ՘͇Ȥ. A* ttach the Type-A. Place the bottom cymbal onto the felt of bottom seat. Assembly/ʃʉʽʓɁጸ቏. Open the.

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DeRosa DRM (5-PIECE 16”) Drum Kit ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS. Along with . Felt Washer. Place the other Hi Hat Cymbal concave side down through.

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18) Snare Drum Base. 19) Hi-Hat Stand Base. 20) Hi-Hat Stand - Top. 21) Hi-Hat 8” Cymbals. 22) Cymbal Stand - Top. 23) Cymbal Stand Base. 24) 10” Cymbal.

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Frequently bought together. DRUM HIGH HAT CYMBAL . BRAND NEW - HIGH HAT TYPE Cymbal Stand with Double Braced Legs! Professional Quality at a.

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Now loosen your hi-hat clutch and let the top cymbal rest on top of the spring. to get a better response, see our troubleshooting section below for instructions.