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in Japanese? Neutral situation like asking someone "what are you doing this weekend?" And my personal favorite to hear: "Hey! What the.

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I'd say (I'm from near Tokyo; standard Japanese) "Nani shiteru no?" or "Nani yatteru no?" to my friends. My Osaka friends would ask me "Nani.

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Visit JapanesePod and learn Japanese fast with real lessons by real teachers. Imagine you are visiting Japan and someone asks you what you're doing. Hi ジョン,. Thank you for the comment! Yes those two sentences are different.

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Hello Junkies! How are you? By the way if you want to learn & speak Japanese with easy lessons May I suggest a . Here, you're simply asking what they've been doing (shite-imasu) recently (saikin). Just another.

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PS: this website said that "what are you doing" is this in japanese: "日本語):". Hi ! - yaa Sounds like "Yeah". Informal Good morning - oh-haa-yo sounds like the.

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Question about Japanese | Hi, nice to meet you ^^ If I say it casually, I'll say "な にしてるの?" lf I say it formally, I'll say "何をなさっているのですか?".

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Perfect your pronunciation of Japanese how are you words using our voice This free Japanese lesson is essential for your Japanese language survival kit.

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Today, in this post, you'd learn the right way to say hello in Japanese. .. at social gatherings with friends and is a safe phrase to ask people how they are doing.