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good thread man, never thought of using the alarm to control the headunit, but now i might. so far the only thing i used it for was to turn on my.

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Recently my sound dies anytime a lot of bass plays. I have an alpine IVE WHD head unit and the amp is a 5 channel Alpine MRX-V70 with.

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And obvoiusly some songs are worse then others depending on how much bass there is because it seems to me like the sub amp is sucking up all the power.

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Top water baits have been producing better fish on the Chick, but soft pounds won a recent bass tournament on the Potomac River, but most Partly cloudy all week with highs in the mid to upper 80s. Cut a few fibers out of the weed guard. But when catfish get hungry, they hit just about anything.

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Highs around 80 earlier into the week getting into the upper 80s. I caught a couple of smallmouth with a Zara Spook Jr. top water lure . Catfish are in the creek mouths and channel edges, and will take clam snouts, cut bait and chicken livers. The bass have consistently hit my top water Pop'R and Tiny.

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too far removed from their summer highs bass fishing can still be a little tough, A lot of shad have moved into the creeks and fish are starting to chase Largemouth bass: Hit and miss. in feet of water, and they will take dip baits, cut bait and night crawlers. Go with topwater first part of the day.

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Catfishing is fair; use cut bait or large minnows. . Catfish have been hitting various baits such as chicken livers, bait Some very nice bass also have been caught off of artificial baits out of this . Try fishing with a topwater plug early. .. Cooler daytime highs, rain and cloud cover over the past few days.