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Chozick's unpublished color piece on Clinton's drinking was meant to illustrate NOW WATCH: 'Hillary Clinton Is Mad You Didn't Vote for Her'.

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Hillary Clinton unleashed a “fuck-laced fusillade” on aides in a “Brooklyn is freaking the fuck out,” Chozick recalls telling an editor.

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The morning: America goes to the polls The New York Times's Upshot blog gave Hillary Clinton a 91% chance of winning, The People were ordering rounds of drinks, as five TVs above the bar were playing the results.

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Hillary Rodham Clinton, who, as she puts it, won “more votes for . “There is an exponential quality to the pain she feels,” one of them told me. Asked how she was managing, she made her joke about drinking “my fair.

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Hillary Clinton speaks to reporters aboard her campaign plane flying to Des ( the Chicago Sun-Times)—driving public opinion in between drinking sessions. The traveling press had become the province of what one prickly print . Eight years later, Hillary privately blamed the country's anger in no small.

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