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Christopher Hitchens — 'If someone tells me that I've hurt their feelings, I say, 'I'm still waiting to hear what your point is.'In this country And I'm not running for anything, so I don't have to pretend to like people when I don't.” ― Christopher.

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Featuring Christopher Hitchens, Stephen Fry, Penn Jillette, Louis C.K. and tells me that I've hurt their feelings I say well so what your point is.

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Hitchens and Fry disagreed with this proposal for a number of reasons, but during the .. But saying that you are offended is simply a whine.

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Christopher Hitchens was nothing if not a polarizing figure. 3 dozen quotes from Hitchens that very few of you will argue with or be offended by I became a journalist partly so that I wouldn't ever have to rely on the press for my information. or so frightened: it's a solid lesson in the limitations of self to realize that your.

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@questionsit @RichardDawkins @dtheherring so your issue is more . honey- TSA experience, good example of being offended, angry.

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Dedicated to the memory of Christopher Hitchens ( - ). .. if you're offended it should be your problem, deal with it but now we get.

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It's a good point that announcing offense is not really a position, just the . But what if you're farting in everyone's face on a constant basis first.

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Christopher Hitchens had a tongue so sharp, you'd bleed out before you The fact that you're offended has absolutely no bearing on the truth of the matter.

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Sure, in a political debate over economics, saying that you're offended wouldn't matter. But in social settings, or in everyday life? There's no.