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The Homestead strike, in Homestead, Pennsylvania, pitted one of the most contract; but by Andrew Carnegie was determined to break the union.

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The Homestead Strike of occurred at the steel plant in Homestead, PA ( near Pittsburgh) that was owned by Andrew Carnegie. The strike happened.

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Homestead Strike, also called Homestead riot, violent labour dispute between the Carnegie Steel Company and many of its workers that occurred on July 6, , in Homestead, Pennsylvania. The Homestead steel mill, located a few miles from Pittsburgh along the Monongahela River, was.

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Fleming, was born on the old Fleming homestead, now within Marion county, West born July 11, ; Belle, born November 12, , w^e °f H. C. Fetty; Arch, see It was twice burned, but each time rebuilt, first in and last in

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LAWRENCE, KANSAS, SATURDAY, JULY 9. NUMBER Homestead , Pa., July 9 The third racming since tne terriDie war mat i waged along the banks of uDtil the nature of a change is apparent no prediction can bo made as to what will happen. .. R. J- Fetty Sixth Ward A. J. UicK-er dads-space.comood COUNTY.

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Friday, July 8, AND KfBKIGN, h llis Lmrhn My JnmL ThelawrenceDailv Journal EOTORTv UGLY RUMORS, AT HOMESTEAD scuffle with one of the mill.

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from entry under the homestead, timber claim and other alienation land laws, and set aside as . There has been considerable speculation as to just how this happened. Hells Canyon, forso Mr. I. H. Fetty was president and general manager at the beginning It was June in the year that Miss.

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of metal sculptor, Jeff Fetty, one of eight world-class artists described in this yearbook. Johnson of Tunnel Hill / John R. Lundberg -- What happened on Orchard Knob? History of Homestead Steel Works; Homestead Strike,

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sitting at the desk used by Governor E. P. FetTY, first governor of the. State of Washington .. up a homestead on Half Moon Prairie, where I built and operated a general store .. He sold this ranch in and bought acres of land in the Now, this all happened in the first fifteen or twenty years after we were married.