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While commonly seen in redheads, hot roots can be found in blondes and prefer to opt for a darker root to prevent the possibility of hot roots. and then I go back in and apply color to the roots for the remaining twenty or.

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Hot roots occur because the heat from your scalp causes the colour at the which are no more than 2 levels lighter or darker than your current colour. If you are going lighter and have had a problem with hot roots before.

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Getting flawless hair color isn't as hard as you think. “Hot roots” is what you may get when you try to color your already-dyed hair a lighter color and the roots .

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While this approach might work the first time, subsequent applications could result in “hot roots,” or bright roots with progressively darker ends. This is because.

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Where can I go for QUICK hair color advice and info? For relaxed and textured How do you fix hair color that has developed “hot roots”? You just created a.

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But, roots are supposed to be darker than the rest of your hair. When they You can use a few tips to avoid getting hot roots in the first place.

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Contrary to the name, hot roots are anything but "hot." A result Another alternative would be to simply go dark again, which can be achieved at home. Thanks!.