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Cells package their DNA not only to protect it, but also to regulate which genes are accessed and when. Cellular genes are therefore similar to valuable files.

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In other words, each of us has enough DNA to go from here to the Sun and back more than times. All of that DNA is tightly packaged into chromosomes in a.

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The main difference between chromatin and chromosome is that chromatin .. can be arrested at metaphase in order to study.

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Before DNA replication, each chromosome contains a single, very long DNA molecule that basically runs from one end of the chromosome to the other.

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Chromosome condensation is caused by condensins. What's Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC. .. member of the complement has a different and.

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The chromosomes contains 1/3 DNA and the rest of 2/3 is formed from histones and There exists two types of chromatin called euchromatin and heterochromatin. Prepare for grad school & health careers - enroll today and start studying.